My Experience

I graduated from Carleton University in 2009. I quickly got a job in Customer service working for Convergys in May 2009. I supporting there AT&T Business Care cellphone contract. In April 2010 I was laid off when Convergys decided to closed the entire Ottawa call center and moved operations to the Philippines.

I landed on my feet and I was picked up by Rogers Communications. I worked with Rogers from May 2010 until August 2015. In that time I volunteered to transfer from Customer service to the Retention Department. This was a more challenging position, but it was considered a lateral shift so there was no financial incentive to do so. My reason to move was that I wanted to better assist my clients. This position allowed me to be the final point of contact between Rogers and my clients.

I was a liaison between management and my clients, negotiating with both to find a satisfactory resolution.

This experience will serve me well if elected Councilor. When I met with Bob he pointed out to me that a City Councilor must frequently be a bridge between there constituency and the city bureaucracy.

2015 was a rough year for my wife and I. My father John Bossert passed away in late June and my wife was laid off in August, I was laid off the following week due to corporate restructuring. My wife was quickly able to find another job in her field. I was not so fortunate. While looking for a new full-time position I took temporary contracts from Labor Ready and Excell Hr. For Excell Hr. I worked for two different political parties, doing data entry for one, and calling supporters on election day for the other to remind them to vote. I worked a week-long job for Labor Ready at the Ottawa dump doing manual labour installing a cover to help capture natural gas. I even helped cleanup Lansdown after an AC-DC concert. 

In January 2016 I was hired by Tim Hortons. In February 2017 I moved to a different location to take on the role of Baker and volunteered to do a 45 hour work week. In May this year, I accepted the additional responsibility of Supervisor. The supervisor position comes with a great deal more responsibility and work. I am now tasked with inventory, ordering and management of a team of up to seven people.

Thanks to my work at Tim Hortons I have the privilege of both living and working in Orleans. I also get to meet many of the people in Orleans every day. My work and experience have introduced me to people from all walks of life. From my Franchise owner, who is a multimillionaire that owns dozens of restaurants and hotels, to the people that I serve every day such as government employees, teachers, and construction workers paving our streets.