Toby Bossert
Candidate for City Council Ward 1 Orleans

Why I'm Running

Whenever I talk to anyone about our current Councillor their story is always the same. They had a problem they weren't able to get a solution or an answer through the regular channels so they reached out to Bob Monette. He would regularly get back to them outside of business hours and promised to have an answer or to get the ball rolling within 24 hours.

It takes hard work and dedication to respond to constituent requests so quickly and often after business hours. My biggest priority is to be there for the people of Orleans whenever they need me. I will continue that legacy of hard-working public service. Most of the time your concerns can be resolved by calling city services but if I am elected Councillor feel free to reach out to me I will be happy to help.


I have spent the last three years as a member of the board for Carleton Condominium Corporation NO. 262. 

The condo board is similar to a municipality in several ways, the condo corp provides a variety of services to the residence including but not limited to water, sewers, road maintenance, and snow removal. These services are paid for by the residences monthly condo fees. 

Like taxes, these are often a point of contention. My goal has always been to balance the need to keep these fees as low as possible while not neglecting the board’s responsibility to the residents of the condo to maintain a balanced budget. I recognize the need to set aside enough money for annual services, unforeseen expenses as well as current and future infrastructure projects.

If elected I would bring sensible and realistic leadership to city hall. I am eager to improve the city with new projects and recognize that we also have to look out for your tax dollars as well.


Connecting Orleans Together with Transit

This is a map of my proposed bus route that would connect Orleans Bvld and Innes.

If I am elected I will work with Council and OC Transpo to have a new bus route that connects the two major streets in Orleans, Innes Rd. and St. Joseph Blvd.

This route would run every 15 to 20 minutes to facilitate easy transfers from local buses and it will also help drive traffic to the local business on both Innes and St. Joseph.

I will also work to restore the old 131 route. I want to connect Orleans together with transit, but the changes OC Transpo made to the 131 route have cut Convent glen and Orleans Wood off from the rest of Orleans. Being forced to transfer between buses that only come every 30 minutes is not acceptable.

I will also advocate for more public consultations when changes like this are being made and for different consultation times so that shift workers who depend on the bus are able to attend.

Revitalizing St. Joseph Blvd.

St Joseph Blvd is the heart of Orleans and we need to take care of it. If elected to city council I will make it a priority to finish repaving St. Joseph Blvd.

I want St. Joseph to be more accessible to people without cars, via a new bus route, and more pedestrian friendly. I also want to encourage new business set up shop on here. In short, I want St. Joseph to be a shopping destination rather than merely a street we take to get elsewhere. 

I will work with local business and the Heart of Orleans (BIA) to help make this vision a reality.

Public Service

As someone who has worked in the customer service field for 8 years I have been in the business of serving other people. I have listened and worked together with my customers to find the best solution for the problem at hand. If they have a question I find them the answer. 

If I am elected I will bring this same level of hard work and dedication to my constituents.

Keeping Orleans Safe and Secure

As with others in Orleans, I am aware of the increase in swarmings and break-ins, as my own car was caught on a security camera with an attempted break-in.

We need to take a look at our police presence and see where adjustments need to be made and look into the possibility of more security cameras on buses and at transit stations.

We also need to not be afraid to speak up. If you see something, please say something. Please look out for one another regardless of their financial status, age, language, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. If they are in trouble when it is safe to do so please call the authorities. 


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